The Inspiration Behind this Blog

Why Women in Leadership? This blog, is playing to my interest of professional women in leadership positions today, their thoughts on current topics, their lessons learned along the way, and their insight they can share with those women out there who have goals of a growing career. I am a young professional business women at the forefront of my professional career who aspires to be a senior level women in leadership at a future point in my career. I was taught at an early age that women are capable of doing anything they want and was fortunate enough to have an extremely strong role model in my mom who inspired me to dream big and work hard to achieve whatever goals I set for myself.

With this instilled in me I have set some lofty professional goals for myself, but at the same time haven’t for one second thought I can’t enjoy all the other aspects of life’s journey just because of this. I enjoy hearing from those women leaders that have attained leadership positions already on key business topics that professional women are facing today, as well as, hearing about their journeys and lessons learned in attaining their current leadership roles so I can in turn take these bits of insight and knowledge to apply in my own career.

This blog will go through several topics as I continue to publish posts such as, the fear of having a family will inhibit or halt their career progress, a range of thoughts and insights to share with the young women of today who aspire to work their way up the company ladder, potential professional development issues, different family dynamics, health issues, equal pay, the constant balancing act, and this is just to name a few.

Throughout these upcoming posts regarding these topics, I want to share relevant content through my thoughts and the thoughts of senior level business women I’ve come into contact with thus far in my career. By doing this, my goal is for those women out there who are in fact looking for some re-assurance that the career growth path they have set out in pursuit of is not the impossible feat, and will be able to take away some key learnings to apply to their own career paths as they continue on their trek of career growth.

Please feel free to post your comments, your feedback, and if you enjoy the content I will be sharing please spread the word about this blog to as many as you see fit!

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