How Important is Face Time Really?

In the world of the professional working women today, how important is face time in their career vs. their personal life? In order for the working women today to be able to “have it all” can they really be in the typical “have to be in the office every day, all day, burning the midnight oil” jobs at the same time as having a spouse, children, maintaining their health, and the list goes on and on. There is an amazing essay that I just recently read addressing many different topics relevant to my blog topict, one topic in particular caught my attention: This “Culture of Face Time” must change in order for the working women to really live out the life of having it all. This made me really think about why my mindset personally, is that women can have it all, and when I started thinking about this I came to a couple of realizations.

I do believe that the professional working women today can have it all, but (but- being the key word) I also believe that not all women are capable of doing this. I think it greatly depends on the type of flexibility their profession and/or work place allows. Such as, do they have flex time, are they able to work from home or remotely at all, do they have to have every meeting face to face? I have seen senior level women on both sides of this fence and I truly believe that in order for these hard working women to still have a functional marriage and well-adjusted children there has to be the flexibility allowed to sometimes work from home, or through the use of the endless technology we have at our fingertips, the allowance to travel less and spend more time in your home city via teleconferencing, IM, e-mail, etc. When I was working at a previous job I saw the toll it can take on a family when those allowances aren’t available and your constantly on the road to make those face to face meetings….it makes it MUCH harder to have it all.

On the flip side of this, I am now fortunate enough to see that it (the working woman’s life of having it all) can really be possible. This is not to say this still doesn’t come with some form of sacrifice or occurrences where finding the time to still see your family or be present in those important moments will be hard or even impossible, but it is definitely more feasible. I attribute this difference to the capabilities to use the latest technology each and every day to it’s full potential. Video conferencing is an everyday occurrence in my professional life in place of countless face to face in office meetings or travel meetings, and if my husband has surgery I can work remotely for that week…and so long as I uphold my end of the deal in delivering great work to my key business stakeholders and these privileges aren’t abused, then I and my workplace don’t see why it should have to stop.

I used to really contemplate what career path I wanted to go down, and by wanted I mean, I knew what I really wanted to go after… but realistically could I even try to go for it when I still wanted so much more for my personal life as well? I realize now that in order for my hopes of a long successful career I dream of to be possible, these types of allowances and new era of culture is something I will always need to be very cognoscente of in my future as I continue to make decisions for my future career path.

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