Breaking the Cultural Norm of Family Dynamics

In this video I had the chance to sit down with Cindy Healy, a Senior Director of Partner and Field Operations. We talk about a growing topic and that is breaking the cultural norm of family dynamics in which the male of the family is typically the primary breadwinner and the female either brings in less money or doesn’t work at all. It has been a very common family dynamic for a long time but as we continue to progress down the road of more and more women wanting to have a career and family at the same time, what does that mean for this family dynamics norm?

It means that more men are choosing to be the primary child caregiver and household caregiver, and with this comes the opinions and pressure from outside just your immediate family of your spouse and children. It can take a toll on you if you are not in the right mindset to break this mold. You have to be able to be comfortable with your decision and not think any less of yourself or your chosen family situation just because of outsider’s opinions or cultural pressures to stay within the norm.

Ultimately if you and your spouse are comfortable with your family’s decision to break out of that typical mold then you need to have the support of one another as you blaze down the path you have chosen. As Cindy mentions, if this is something you are considering for your family, this is not an easy decision to make and it is not one that comes without scrutiny, sacrifices and having to say no sometimes, but at the end of the day through your family’s support and your own confidence in your ability to persevere amongst the cultural pressures and mindsets of others, you will be just fine.


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