What You Do With Feedback Is Crucial

In my above video I talk about how crucial feedback is. In a blog post I found not too long ago it mentions a career coaching point and a quality of a great leader is to be observant of your own biases that you may have because chances are you probably don’t realize you have them. Before you do anything with feedback you receive whether it is good or bad, take a step back and try to see it from all perspectives. With the point from the blog post in mind, evaluate the feedback and try to really look at if you are viewing it with any biases in mind.

When speaking to a senior level female leader that I greatly admire for her career success at such a young age, the topic of feedback came up. She told me that all of the feedback you get is obviously important and shouldn’t ever be dismissed, but it’s what you do with that feedback that matters most. The way you handle the feedback you receive is crucial to your career success.

Leaders will look to you with a watchful eye to see how you respond when given feedback, as this really shows your true character and what you are capable of doing and handling. My recommendation to anyone when they receive feedback is to keep three things in mind: Take a step back and try to view it from the perspective of the person giving you the feedback, the possible scenarios that this feedback could be stemming from, and what type of plan you will have to mitigate the feedback. With these three things in mind I firmly believe you will be in a much better place to make the most out of any feedback that comes your way, good or bad, and show the leaders around you what you are really made of.


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