Maintaining a Diverse Network


In the above video I talk about how easy it is to surround yourself with like minded individuals, but the importance of maintaing a diverse portfolio of contacts, friends and leaders that you have made connections with along the way is a huge part to a successful career and shouldn’t be put on the back burner. By no means does this mean you have to surround yourself with diverse people at all times, but you should at a minimum keep those people that you have connected with along the way that may not have chosen the same career path as you or are in a completely different phase of their life within your network because they bring different perspectives to the table.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s just as important to surround yourself with those who are more like you because chances are they can relate to any of the triumphs and downfalls you have along the way in your career. It’s important to have those people who you can relate to without an in depth explanation of what you’re working on or going through, who understand the background information already and can see the value in the career successes you may have as well as the career slumps you may experience.

With that said, it’s extremely easy to find yourself wrapped up in your career and you start to loose touch with those connections you have made along the way to get where you are today. If you look at any great senior leader, male or female, it never fails they have a very robust and diverse network of connections they have maintained through the years. I believe this is for the very reason that if you ever find yourself staring down through tunnel vision your career will become stagnant and your outlook behind the times, which no one wants to have happen to them.

Maintaining the diverse portfolio of leaders, friends, collegues, and aquaintances you have met throughout the years is crucial, because even if you don’t need to be in contact with them frequently, when those certain situations present themselves you will regret letting the connection go cold. Regaurdless of the field, profession, or lifestyle they lead, they bring a unique perspective to the table in turn helping you see topics from other points of view other than your own, and that can always be of value.


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