Not the Most Experienced? So What!

One trend I have noticed in trying to navigate my way as a somewhat “newbie” in the corporate world is yes, you do need experience in the long run to get you up the company ladder but that isn’t the most important criteria for you to advance in your career. There are so many more qualities and skills that leaders look for in their employees in order to climb the ladder and experience is just one amongst the many. I myself have been guilty a couple times of selling myself short because I tell myself “you don’t have the experience to apply for a role like that yet” but really, that isn’t the only criteria we should look at when evaluating if we should seize an opportunity or not.

It’s a crazy world and there are far more crazy things that happen then someone who may not have the years of experience behind them being promoted or chosen for a role that maybe you are a little lackluster on as far as the years of work behind you but you have that ambition and you have that drive that can take you where you need to get regardless if you are a corporate “newbie”. This goes for both men and women of course, not just women, this younger generation can’t look at a possible opportunity and automatically think of every possible reason why they wouldn’t be qualified or why they wouldn’t be chosen for it. We have to think with our mind wide open and we have embrace that “wide eyed and bushy tailed” feeling that we get in this brand new world to us of corporate America.

We have so much to offer and while we are building our portfolios of experience we need to showcase all of the natural talents we already possess. In reading a blog about the importance of diversity of thought and I really enjoyed one of the statements from it, “As you build your financial acumen, your P & L experience and your operational insight, hone your people-skills of diversity to influence those who will impact your future.” If we were to all keep this in mind while we are advancing in our younger years of corporate knowledge I have no doubt that just five years from now we would be just as heavily sought after as someone with twice our years of experience. Building on our ability to influence others, in my opinion, is one of the most critical exercises we can do as newbies as this skill alone can get you leaps and bounds further than just having experience behind you.

The only disservice you are ever doing by being the automatic pessimist when an opportunity arises is to yourself because if you never even try for something, if you never even give it a whirl and see what happens, chances are you will continue to do this your entire career; and I highly doubt 20 years from now any of us will want to look back at what might have been if we had just allowed ourselves the chance to give it shot and worst case scenario simply been told no.

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