Can We Really Get There Without Burning Out?

The title of this post has been a topic of conversation amongst some of my close friends and peers of which we fall into the “millennial” generation, and are educated, ambitious females looking to “have it all”. However when we have these conversations the question that we all ask, is it really possible to do this starting at our age, mid to late twenties, and be able to actually “have it all” without burning out first?

This is a very important question to us and I’m sure many other females like ourselves all over the world. Can we really sustain such a rapid paced work life from here on out without reaching a breaking point and calling it quits from our professional aspirations in order to have a husband and/or family that you actually get to see? We by no means have the answer to this question but it’s definitely one that continues to weigh on our minds. I know just from my own friends some have already given up the hopes of continuing on the career track once they decide to have a family, before they are even to that stage of their life, they have already made a decision to opt out of the continued career path because they dont’ see it being possible to have it all and not have it either affect your personal health (mental and physical) or your their someday future family’s health.

On the flipside I have other friends that say no way to that option, they are going to continue to pursue their career and professional ambitions and just wait to have a family until they are older and have reached a few key milestones in their career. Then the question pops up, how long should one wait it out to start a family if this is the decision they want to embrace? As we have these talks the point gets brought up that the longer you wait to start your family the higher the likelihood will be that your children will be in their adolescent years where they need just as much attention again as in their infancy years except by this point you are most likely reaching the peak of your career at the same time….and that situation can’t be an easy one to deal with.

All of these questions pop up from just the simple thought of how do we, the young millennial females, keep up with such a rapidly evolving environment, keep pace with our career ambitions, and still be able to accomplish our personal life dreams in the “have it all” mentality without reaching that burned out dead end? I know I definitely don’t have the answer to this but I guess I will never find out if I “leave before I leave“. So in that case, I’m going to take some advice. I plan to keep my foot on the gas pedal and I’ll let you know my answer in a few years when some of these decisions will have to be made.

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