No More Excuses

In reading different articles over the past several months since I really started delving into the topic of women in leadership having it all, there has been a common thought that I’ve seen brought up in numerous ways about this topic. The thought that due to the lack of senior level business women role models and available mentorship is part of the reason why the younger business women of today aren’t making it to that senior level.

I don’t discredit this as being a definite contributing factor but to say that because we (us younger business women) don’t have the mentorship of those senior women leaders or the role models to follow paving the road for us is why we just don’t see how to get to that senior level in our careers so we start to veer off or “downshift” our careers is ridiculous. The topic of women in leadership is a very hot topic these days and in another common thought that is brought up in this topic is what seems to be the general consensus that we want the senior level management positions in corporate America to be filled with more women.

This is a great goal in my opinion and one that I would like to see become a reality but in order for this to happen, placing the blame on the lack of senior leader women’s mentorship and role modeling for why we (the young business women of today) are dropping out before we can reach there needs to stop. Is there a deficit for this? Absolutely! Would it be more beneficial to us to have more senior leader women to learn from and model after? Absolutely! But we have to work with what we have right now if we are ever going to change those dismal statistics of senior level management position being held by women.


In order for us to reach our goals of creating a more balanced women leader workforce in corporate America us younger women need to brace ourselves for a rocky road, band together, and not use any more cop outs for not blazing our own trails to get there. If this is really something we want to see done, it’s time for us to stick together and stay with it.

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One thought on “No More Excuses

  1. Lacee

    I agree with you. We all have what we have at any point in time and while we should seek help and support we can’t hold ourselves back if it isn’t there when we look for it. There are many women out there rooting for you. If you don’t see them that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Make sure to network and meet women in new places who can introduce you to new things. When seeking mentors never forget to ask the ones you like straight out to help you.

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