If Given the Lime Light, What Might Have Been…

I have been reading a lot of different blog posts and news articles lately about career women that are also mothers. As I’ve read these posts I thought that it was great to see all of these great stories…and also wondered where had these been before?

I feel like the topic of career women also being a mom and balancing the two parts of their life is definitely a hot topic right now. Through this I hope that this will drive more awareness around how many women are really out there balancing it all. I’ve never had the mentality that I would have to choose one or the other, a successful career or creating a family. However, as I’ve gotten older and my generation is starting to come into their late twenties early thirties I’m hearing a lot of women my age talk about it like it’s a choice that they will have to make between having a family or having a career.

Which is why, when I see all of these stories popping up now about moms who run their own businesses, or started their own companies, or have senior level positions in corporations, I think to myself, “Why are these stories just now getting attention?”. I know that this isn’t a new thing (yes maybe more common now a days but not new), women having a full career and a family at the same time….yet I feel like these success stories, these victories of strong women paving the way and teaching through example haven’t been given their day in the lime light starting years back when they should have been.

I can’t help but wonder if this topic would have been evangelized 20 years ago like it is being today, if our forward thinking and progressive views around “having it all” would be seen as more of a way of life then still being talked about as an “either or” decision that one will have to make.

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