Why Do Women Under Value Themselves?

The title of this blog is one that has been interesting me for quite a while now and one that I am looking into more now a days. I have never understood why you can see people in the same role function doing the same type of work and project and yet the male will get promotions faster while the female is still working her tail off with no promotion.

This has really come to light for me personally since I’ve been more aware of the notion that women under value themselves, hence why their male counterparts will be promoted faster and rise to more senior level roles faster and receive higher pay faster (generally speaking). I have actually become very aware of it recently as I have seen this exact sitatuion take place in my work place.

Noting that this occurence defintiely has nothing to do with biased management (speaking out of the personal experience I’ve recently seen) the light bulb went off as I sat there wondering to myself, “How is this guy getting promoted before her?” That’s when it hit me, the importance lies in not only doing great work but how you communicate and evangelize the great work that you have and are currently doing.

I myself know this is weakness of mine, something that I am working on improving in each and every day. Because when the opportunity presents itself for either myself or male or another female counterpart are being looked at for a promotion and only one of us can get it, I would never forgive myself if I were to get passed up all because I did a horrible job of communicating and show casing the amazing work that I have done to my manager and fellow peers.

As I said at the beginning, this sub topic of women in leadership has really peaked my interst and I will be taking a look at other materials that I can read up on to find out how others have done this and the lessons they have learned around this. Stay tuned for more…


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