Knowing Your Priorities is Crucial

There has been some news I’ve gotten about a dear family member being ill recently and it has really made me think about my own personal priorities. I always have thought it’s sad that most of the time it takes some type of epic or tragic event to take place for one to step back and really evaluate our life priorities.

In this past month I’ve done just this and tried to take the time to reflect back on what exactly are my current priorities and am I ok with living my life as those being my top priorities. When I took the time to start to think about this I really started to question what exactly is most important in my life and God forbid if anything were to happen to my loved ones, would I be able to live with myself for choosing those priorities over others? The answer to that question is still unknown and in the process of having some fine tuning done so that ultimately my answer to that question will be yes.

This lead me to wonder though, how often do other women who are trying to balance it all in the ever rigorous course of having it all take the time to step back and evaluate where they have their priorities and if something drastic were to unexpectedly happen to their or family or a close friend would they be able to live with putting their chosen priorities in front of others, maybe even in front of their families?

I don’t know the answer to this but I am very curious to find out some insight on this question from some of the senior women leaders I have in my career and plan on asking this question when the opportunity presents itself; because I know speaking for myself, it’s very easy to get so wrapped up in the daily work and the hustle and bustle that before you know it an entire month went by in what seems like the blink of an eye. And with each blink you make those priorities that you have ended up pushing to the front of the line…are those really the priorities you want at the top? Because before you even have time to think about blinking again you can end up putting certain items as priorities before others without even taking the time to realize you are doing so.

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