Take Time For Yourself

If there has been one thing I’ve noticed over the course of these last few years is the ability for women to take on everything and help everyone with no regards for themselves. I saw this growing up as well, with a mom who was always doing everything for everyone else and never for herself, and with this I saw the toll it can take on someone.

With more and more women having growing ambitions of what they want to achieve by a younger and younger age I feel like that mentality of taking everything on ourselves is getting even worse. In fear of letting things go to others to take care of for us at the chance it won’t be done to our standards or constantly worrying about everyone close to you, whether that is spouses, children, elders, friends, etc. it seems that all of these things are added weight to our shoulders that we choose to add and we do this without so much as a hesitation.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact I think this quality is somewhat inherent to women and one of the qualities that makes us who we are as key members of our families and teams that we are on. However, also with this quality comes a lot of extra stress and pressure that we potentially take on without taking the necessary time outs that we should be doing given the extra stresses and responsibilities we take on.

I understand that this is much easier said than done, but as I said earlier, I have seen firsthand the physical toll this can take on someone who carries the weight of their world and all of their loved ones on their shoulders without taking the necessary breaks and time for just you. I know that many women are capable of practically being super women, but in the long run, this mentality will eventually take some type of toll on you. How are you supposed to rise to the top of your chosen career field if by the time you are able to get there, you’re already beat down and missing pieces? The least we can do for ourselves is to make sure we remain whole and healthy along our chosen trails we have each chosen blaze, so when the time comes for us to reach our life long career goals we in the state to excel for many more years to come.



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