Keys to Balancing the Superwoman Act

I was looking through some notes that I had taken a little while back and came across some of the ones I jotted down from a great speech from life coach/speaker Lucinda Cross that I had listened to about “Balancing the Super Woman Act”. It was very insightful and I thought it had an outstanding pointers that I wanted to share on the topic of being a career oriented female and balancing it all the same time.

Some of the key take aways I got from this pod cast was the items you can’t afford to say yes to anymore, the three areas of your superpower and the five characteristics that are essentials to balancing your act. To start with, the items that we are all guilty of and know that we probably should say no more often or even start saying no period, but yet we find ourselves always getting sucked into the following: small talk, long meetings, internet surfing, other people’s agenda, unorganized planning, your cell phones, and procrastination. These items are huge time sucks, and if you don’t start saying no to these, if not every time at least the majority of the time you will continue to waste your valuable time that we can always seem to use more of.

The second key take away was to keep in mind these three “powers” throughout every day: Focus, Determination, and Action. By using these three powers to keep you on track, taking action and making progress you will be able to accomplish so much in each day and it will be easier for you to say NO to the above time suckers.

The last key take away I got was to always keep these five items in mind in order to hold your balancing act together and moving forward in the right direction: Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends, Finance. If you make a conscience effort through your days to keep those 5 important life aspects in ,mind and use your Focus power from above to keep you on track and moving forward you will be able to accomplish so many things in each day and before you know your forward moving momentum will be unstoppable, and that balancing act that can be so worrisome at times will be part of your everyday life routine and instead of being worrisome on how you will be able to do it, it will be second nature to your everyday life.

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