Better Get Used To Being Uncomfortable

In my previous blog I mentioned a fantastic key note speaker I just hear the other day, Nora Denzel. Her second point she made that I wanted to share on my blog was around getting used to feeling uncomfortable.

It’s a very true point. If you are looking to work your way towards a position of power such as a senior manager, a corporate vice president, any “C” position, there is going to be a lot of uncomfortable feelings along the way. With career success comes change, and with any change no matter who you are there is a period of being uncomfortable where you learn the ropes and figure out how to navigate your way through new waters.

There is nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. In fact one should use it to their advantage. There seems to be certain adrenaline rush that accompanies this uncomfortable feeling and one should use this to boost their mind, mood, and ambition. So what if you are new to the position, you obviously got there for a reason so get used to the feeling and embrace it. Just think if you were still comfortable in the spot you are in then that means you haven’t had a change in quite a while.

This isn’t a bad thing if that is what you want for your career and you have achieved your ultimate goal, but if you have more ambition and drive in you to keep moving forward, you want to have that feeling of being uncomfortable because that comes with change and as long as the change is forward moving, it’s a good thing, you should just learn to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.


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