Accept the Kudos

The third point I picked up from the amazing key note speaker Nora Denzel, was to “Act as if….” usually filling in the blank with CONFIDENT. It’s extremely important to show confidence as you are going through your career. People can sense when you are unsure and in turn this can lead to a lack of confidence in your abilities from them.

I can think of a handful of times when some has told me great job on something I’ve done and instead of saying thank you or I’m glad you enjoyed it, I say something like, “Thank you but I though XYZ could have been better” or something of that nature….and this type of reaction needs to stop!

I know this is easier said than done. I feel it’s human nature to be your own worst critic and that is fine, but that doesn’t mean you need to voice these internal criticisms back to the people who are trying to tell you great job and build that crucial confidence they have in you.

When some tells you they think you have done a good job, we should feel great about this and enjoy the kudos, and say thank you because picking apart any possible errors or faults you thought you had only tears down that confidence they have started to associate with you and that is a horrible mistake to make.

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