You Aren’t The Only One In An Obstacle Course

The fourth point that I took away from the key note speaker I hear recently is “Your Attitude Is Everything” and I can’t say how much I agree with this. In everything you do, not just your work the attitude you exhibit can tell so much about a person.

As Nora was talking to this point she brought up a story that completely resonated with me. A young talented woman in her organization had given her two week notice that she was quitting, and when asked why she said, “It’s just too hard, there are too many obstacles for me and it seems so smooth for everyone else”. Nora followed this by point out to us,  if only this girl had known that everyone one in the room had felt like this at one point or another, just becuase you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not how others feel…it all comes down to attitude.

I know from personal experience trying to balance having a demanding full time career now, going to school for my masters full time at night, and trying to see my husband who is on an opposite schedule then me, I have thought a once or twice, “Why is this so hard for me, why does she (a peer or co-worker) have it so easy”? In reality she probably doesn’t have it any easier than me when you look at as a whole, it’s just the attitude they have about facing it. When hearing Nora’s story I have made a promise to myself to never have that notion again, to focus on what I’m facing and how I’m showing others that I CAN face it.

It comes down to the attitude you exude as you go through life, this will determine how people perceive you and think of you. Even though you will have those mountains to climb just keep the end goal in mind and a positive mindset that what you are doing and what you are working through at that time will be worth it in the end….and what better way to show this then to have that attitude show through you to others.

“Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you”, so go out there and make them happen.


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