You Won’t Miss Out On Getting A Promotion Because You Say No

Adding to my series of posts from the key note speaker that I heard a couple of weeks ago, the fifth point is titled, “Kill Miss Congeniality”.

The point here is all too often we are guilty of saying “yes” to everything we are asked to do. Sometimes because we genuinely want to do what it is we are being asked if we want to do and other times we say yes because we are fearful that if we say no, we will be looked at negatively and at some point get passed up for that promotion because we said “no”.

Denzel’s point on this one was, we aren’t not going to NOT get promoted because we start saying NO. We are not miss congeniality, we are not responsible and nor should we be, for the holiday festivities, the food orders for work parties, the cakes or desserts for special occasions, etc. Sure could we do these type of things absolutely but in no way should we be doing this out of worry that if we say no to these things, and people stop coming to us asking for these little things to be done, or the coordination work for the office parties, or the project work that no one else wanted to do, should we feel obligated to say “yes” all the time.

If you really enjoy those type of things or being asked to be part of a project team that maybe no one else had any interest but it truly is of interest to you then great, but if it isn’t or if you simply don’t have the bandwidth, then say NO and DON’T think that because you start doing this it could cost you a promotion. Denzel calls out that, “Being Miss Congeniality has never won the title of Miss America and is probably not in the corner office either”.



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