Don’t Take It Personal

As a continuation of my posts from the key points I took away from the great key note speaker I recently saw, is the 6th point, on “lighten up and separate”.

This was a great point that Nora made and as with all of other points she made that day, I saw this as being very true. We all know examples of when something has taken place in the work place that has caused some tension or even more, a team to break apart. Whether it happened to yourself or you have observed it, we’ve all seen this happen. Why does this happen, why do these rivalries form, break-ups happen, and tension form? Because we take it personal and we shouldn’t.

She had a great example of two lawyers she saw in court just going at it, really going at each other’s throats, and then about a week later she was at a restaurant and over heard a conversation behind her where she recognized the voices but couldn’t quite place who it was. As she over heard their conversation they were talking about planning their joint family vacations with each other’s families, so she turned around and there they were, the two lawyers who just a week ago were going at each other’s throats in the court room.

The point here is when you are at work, it’s WORK, and we shouldn’t take it personal, we need to “lighten up and learn how to separate”. When you leave the office you leave your work emotions there, you can’t carry it with you into your personal life and take it out on those who matter most to you, and you can’t look at it from the stand point that they are making a personal attack on you. Keep your business mindset on while at work and look at the situation from all angles, really evaluate what people are saying to you and for those people out there that truly are vindictive and manipulative towards you just, “listen, shluff it off and when you become the boss and run the place, you can fire them”.


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