People are Better Editors Then Creators

As a continuation of my last several blog posts of the key take aways I had from a business seminar, was to “Aim High”, it doesn’t even matter of this lofty goal is even actually real for you, it should still be the goal you tell people you are shooting for.

The key takeaway of this eighth point was always aim high with any goals you set, realistic or not, and you should tell people these lofty goals when they ask you what your goals are. The reason for this is twofold.

First, why not tell people these high lofty goals, even if it may not be completely what you want or don’t know if it truly is what you want, what do you have to lose? So what if you end up wanting or needing to adjust your lofty goals down the road, there isn’t any rule against doing this, that’s what goals are for. For you to AIM HIGH and adjust along the way for whatever new goals or path you choose to pursue.

The second reason for doing this, is as soon as you tell people your high lofty goals, they will immediately starting giving you feedback and advice based on those goals you gave them. I know from personal experience this couldn’t be more true. As soon as I told a couple of senior level people my lofty goals I got instant feedback, good and bad and quite a bit of guiding to get me to the next step I should take to purse those goals. For this very reason you should always aim high and don’t be afraid to tell people about these goals because in vast majority of cases, people are far better editors then creators and love to provide you with their edits to your career path and previous stated goals.



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