Accept the Feedback

In the ninth take away from the great key note speaker was about how important it is to “Accept the ‘Feedback’ aka Criticism”.

We have all been guilty at one point or another where someone is giving us feedback and we automatically start thinking of reasons why their feedback is wrong in our heads before they are even done with their sentence and then there are some of us that are guilty of rebutting the feedback right then and there verbally.

As Nora pointed out in her talk, this is the wrong thing to do. When you are given feedback you need to realize that far more often than not, the person is simply trying to help you. The second point was when we are given feedback just say “Thank you” and if you feel like you would like a little more clarification on what exactly they meant by one of the feedback points then don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions and see how much further information you can get out of them.

Lastly, when you are receiving feedback, especially in a one on one meeting with your manager, after saying thank you and asking your clarifying questions don’t hesitate to think future looking and ask them in “How does my performance differ from a qualified person at the next level?” Don’t be afraid to solicit some additional feedback from them on areas that you are interested in hearing their thoughts on, not just the feedback they want to give you right off the bat, dig a little deeper and hopefully you come away with some very valuable insight.



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