Results, Results, Results

In my series of posts of my key take aways that I had from hearing the amazing key note speaker, Nora Denzel is this last point, “Remember what you’re judged on”.

So often we get wrapped up in all the other things going on at work, all the extra curriculars, all the extra little asks, all of the extra “nice to do’s” and before we know it, you’re spending all of your time on items that you aren’t even getting judged on.

Are those extra curriculars, projects, nice to do’s good to take on sometimes, sure, but not at the expense of the work that your management is actually going to look at when evaluating your performance which is, what are your RESULTS?

Even if the time comes for the review and maybe you didn’t get all the results during the year that had been expected, maybe you fell just a little short but you feel that you put in a really good effort….more often than not that’s not what matters. What it boils down to plain and simple is, what exactly did you achieve, what did you make a difference it, where was your impact seen, what were you results?

The piece of advice on this take away was to just keep this in mind at all times, because as nice as it is to get involved in all the extra things, make sure that your results are always kept top of mind.

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