Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way

In talking with some peers of mine lately I’ve realized a common theme, the tragedy of letting fear mask your confidence.

I know that most people in the business field have some level of confidence or they wouldn’t last, and for that matter wouldn’t have made where they are today. However, I’m seeing starting to see how the fear of the unknown and maybe it’s the fear of failing or looking stupid, is getting in the way of people showing their true confidence in their abilities.

People can sense fear, and when this happens the only thing they will see from that point on is how scared you are which in turn translates into them thinking you have a lack of self-confidence. No one want s this to happen to them. We all work too hard to let fear mess up all the hours we’ve put in, right?

So my suggestion on this is to find whatever it is that makes you feel confident and DO IT, and keep doing it for years to come. You owe it to yourself to do this, because the last thing you want is to be passed up for a promotion or a new opportunity that you would have loved to have because you let your fear mask your confidence.



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