Lose the Hedge Words

This is my first post in a series of posts to come that talk about ways for women to keep themselves in the game. All to often we undercut ourselves and take our selves out of the game before we give ourselves a chance. I was recently able to hear a question and answer session from a senior leader on the topic of women in leadership and had the opportunity to ask a question on this.

In this post I talk about one of the simple points that I got in response to my question to put into action to avoid taking yourself out of the game, and it is simply to lose the hedge words. As soon as you start a sentence with “Well this is just my opinion” or “I could be wrong but…” it takes away the credibility of what you are saying because it’s showing you don’t even have confidence in what you are saying so why should others?

So the goal is to call attention to this happening so hopefully you start to catch yourself before the next time you are going to start a sentence with any hedge words, and it helps you come across with more confidence in what you are telling your audience and helps you come across in a more confident manner.



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