The Fine Line With Feedback

In this video I talk about the fine line you need to walk in respect to soliciting feedback. In a previous post of mine I talk about the importance of feedback, and it is greatly important, but the frequency you ask for it is also very important.

If you are cosntanting asking for feedback from your manager on everything you do that can come across as being insecure in your abilities and you don’t want this. Chances are if you have a good manager you will be given feedback when you need it without ever needing to ask for it, and if you don’t have a manger is good about this then yes, maybe you have to ask a little more often than others but there is still that fine line to walk in over soliciting for it.

So in the end, I hope you take this point with you and are more mindful of this going forward, because your management will notice that you aren’t asking for constant reassurance on everything you’re doing and it will come across as you having more confience in your work and abilities.


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