Don’t Assume Others Are Better

In this video I continue to talk about the topic of ways to avoid taking yourself out of the game before you even give yourself a chance. In point of this post is don’t assume others are better then you.

We tend to do this more often than we think and by calling this point to your attention my hope is that we are all more mindful of doing this. So when you are thinking about possibly applying for a new position, submitting a new proposal, asking to take on a certain project, don’t doubt that you would be a great fit for it because someone else might not be doing it at all, or even if they are doing something similar who’s to say they would be doing it better then you? You can’t.

This is why you need to just go for it! Don’t doubt your own capabilities because people you interact with can sense this about you and this isn’t the persona you want to portray to your peers or management. You want to show case what you are really made of and show management your true ability, so next time you are looking at an exciting opportunity or possibility don’t not apply or not do it because you think someone else might be able to do it better, you never know until you try.



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