Pay Attention to Your Phrasing

In this video post I talk about my next point in my series of posts about tips on how to keep ourselves (women) in the game before we taking ourselves out without even giving ourselves a chance.

I recently got some guidance on this topic from a very senior level female leader and one of her points was to pay attention to how your phrase your statements. There is a term called gravitas and this is where you phrase a regular sentence like a question by going up in your tone at the end of the sentence when you say it. By doing this it insinuates you don’t have full confidence in what you are saying and are looking for people to reaffirm what you are telling them, when this should not be the case.

This is even more important to pay attention to based on the audience you are talking to and the forum in which you are talking to them. If you are on a professional business conference call where there is no video sharing, your phrasing and tone is all your audience has to go off. So if you are ending your sentences in a question format when you say them you are not being an effective communicator and your audience only perceives that you have a lack of confidence in what you are telling them.

We have a tendency to do this more then we think, and I myself didn’t realize how much I do it personally and others I interact with do this until this point was called to my attention. So from my observation we tend to do this phrasing more then we think and the goal of this post is to call attention to it so you can be more mindful of this going forward and hopefully limit the times when this is done.




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