The Importance of Being Planful

In this video post I talk about the importance of being planful both professionally and personally. This is extremely important to do because it will allow you to make the right career moves at the most optimum time in both your personal and professional life. An example I use is if an overseas job opens up, maybe you don’t have that much personal life responsibilities at the time so it would be a great fit to make a decision to act on something like that but on the other hand maybe you have a family who is tied down to where they are at now and this wouldn’t be a good fit for your overall plan right now. This is not to say that you could never make that career move but if you take the time to be planful you would already know, an opportunity like that just isn’t in your plan until later on down the road in your career when maybe you have less personal responsibilities.

There are many opportunities that will come your way throughout your career and if you take the time to really sit down and think about what your career goals are and be very strategic about what the next steps are in order to get you there and where they fit best in correspondence to what you also want to achieve in your personal life so the two can be in somewhat of a balance you will be in a much better position to fully embrace your career moves when they happen because you’ve already put in the time to think and be planful of them ahead of the game.



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