Pick The Most Important Ones

christmas-ornament-wreathAs I’ve continued to blog about insight from senior leaders that I’ve crossed paths with in my professional life to hopefully help any readers of this blog gain a better understanding of how senior women leaders are able to do it all. Through this exciting journey of blogging about these key take-a-ways I’ve heard, I myself have learned a great deal as well.

One of the key points I’ve gained out of many different conversations I’ve had and listing to different speakers on this subject, is you can have it all just not at the same time, and closely following that statement is the advice to pick the most important personal events to go to that most to you and same applies to your professional world as well. Pick the most important, the most strategic projects that will only assist in getting you towards your next career goal, whatever that may be.

So with this in mind this holiday season when we all tend to be blessed with many different social functions pulling us in a million direction, coupled with family in town, your children’s holiday programs, your holiday decorations, and oh ya, actually finding time to go Christmas shopping, and did I mention this is all while of course you continue to work with your best effort forward in your day job….Sound a bit overwhelming, umm, probably because it’s dang near impossible for one person to manage to do ALL of this.

So my advice to all of you full-fledged career women out there pick only the most important family and professional events to go to and to the ones that you can’t go to, sending a nice note will do just fine. Everyone knows it’s the holidays and they are probably feeling the same pain as you, so don’t be afraid to decline some invites, because at the end of the day how are you supposed to savor the holidays with your family if your mind is never truly present….that’s not fair to anyone so do yourself a favor and stick with the most important ones this holiday season.


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